4 frequently asked questions about the vanity table

by Selma
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Before shopping for items especially those you have never bought, it is normal to ask several questions about what you are buying, how it is used and the benefits it holds. It ensures that you put your money to something that will have long term value.

Heading out to buy a vanity table for the first time? Here are some commonly asked questions about them.  

What Is A Vanity Table?

A vanity table is simply a dressing table that comes complete with a sink, mirror, and drawers. You have probably seen them in movies, fashion studios or even at your friend’s house. It is used when one is dressing up, applying make-up or doing quick hairdo.

Vanity tables come in different designs catering to different needs, style, and purpose. For instance, some come with many drawer compartments, while others come with fewer drawers. Nonetheless, the drawers are used to safely keep dressing items including jewellery, makeup, perfumes, and other items. Some Vanity tables are suitable for professional use, while others are for home use.

Who Can Use It?

Often vanity tables are associated with women considering they like to spend lots of time doing their makeup. However, they can also be used by men and children.

Ideally, having it is like creating a small dressing area within your house. Portable vanity tables are normally used by professionals such as makeup artists who do their craft while on the go.

If you are guy sourcing for a vanity table, look for one that has a manly look and feel, and which fits your style and preference.  

Where can the Vanity Table Be Placed?

Since dressing up is a private affair, most vanity tables are usually placed in the bathroom or bedroom. Nevertheless, you can place it just about anywhere you feel comfortable.

If you are planning to invest in a single set and use it with several people, then it will be good to place where it can be accessed at any given time preferably in the hallway. Another factor is the size of the space you want to place it.  Ensure the area you are putting it is spacious enough to accommodate it and where it will not cause any inconveniences.  

How Can the Vanity Table be organized?

You’ll be surprised to discover how it’s quite easy to organize your items on a vanity table. A good vanity table is one that has several drawers and a big countertop.

Makeup and dressing items are many and putting them haphazardly will lead to some being lost easily. Therefore, with the drawers available you can categorize your items and put them separately in each drawer for easy access.

Earrings and necklaces can go into one drawer. Perfumes and colognes can go in another separate drawer. Face and hand towels can be placed in another and so on. With such an organization you save on time and minimize losing your items.  

If your vanity table has fewer drawers then you can make use of the countertop space to arrange bulky or big items such as lotions and perfumes, while the drawers are reserved for delicate and small items such as earrings.

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