Five Common Shapes of Bathroom Mirrors

by Selma

Bathroom mirrors, known as miroir salle de bain in French, are essential for every bathroom. They make the space look complete not just by being functional but also by enhancing the style. Bath mirrors serve several purposes, such as helping you get ready for the day and creating an illusion of vast space by reflecting the light around. They come in various shapes, styles, and sizes, and these factors are greatly determined by how big the bathroom is and the design concept. In this post, we look at the common shapes of bathroom mirrors.

Common Bathroom Mirror Shapes

1. Rectangular-Shaped Mirrors

These bathroom mirrors are the most common, and you can play around with their setup to match the space around it. They can be hung vertically over a single sink, ensuring enough room between the sink and ceiling. In huge bathrooms with double sinks, it’s best to have the mirror put horizontally for maximum impact.

Two or more people can use it to get ready simultaneously, and light is reflected evenly, making the space seem open. Rectangular bathroom mirrors are not ideal for small bathrooms, especially in tiny houses, due to limited space.

2. Square-Shaped Mirrors

Square mirrors are usually smaller than rectangular ones, and their main purpose is to help you see yourself rather than light reflection. In most bathrooms, they are plain and are installed over a vanity or a single sink. Plain square bathroom mirrors are common in an older house and come out as boring and lack character.

In modern bathrooms, unique features have been added, such as mounting styles, back or top lighting, and framing. Frames come in a variety of materials like glass, wood, bronze, and aluminum. Different mounting styles allow you to position the mirror at various angles with ease.

3. Circular Bathroom Mirrors

They have a distinctive design and enhance the style of the bathroom. They add a soft touch to spaces and change the notion of having traditional straight lines every time. They fit perfectly in small spaces, and you can have one or more frameless ones for decorative purposes. A functional mirror should be proportional to the sink or fixtures to enhance and complete the entire look.

4. Six-Sided Shaped Mirrors

Also known as hexagon bathroom mirrors, they are perfect for a classically styled room since they add a modern touch. Some mirrors have equal-sized sides while others have different. How you position them depends on the sides. The shape is not common in many homes, but it’s unique and funky.

5. Oval-Shaped Mirrors

They are suitable for a narrow or limited space and still give you the choice of seeing yourself fully. This kind of shape is versatile as it can be fixed horizontally, limiting your full-length view or vertically, creating a large viewing area. They come framed or frameless as per your wish and in different colors and designs too.


Several people share bathrooms in a house, and it’s essential to create an inviting space for all. Mirrors are a good addition for functionality and to enhance the design. They open up space, making it seem big and brighter through light reflection. Install mirrors that match the bathroom’s style or contrast beautifully with the existing décor as the room’s finishing touch.

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