The Advantages And Applications Of Wall-Mounted Hose Reels

by Selma

The term mounting refers to the method through which a hose reel is positioned in the application area. There are various mounting techniques for hose reels, like ceiling, freestanding, mobile, and wall-mounted techniques. In this post, we discuss wall-mounted hose reels, their popularity, and their applications.

Advantages of wall-mounted hose reels

Wall-mounted hose reels are perhaps the most commonly used hose reel style in the market. Its broad applicability can be attributed to the benefits it offers. Below are some reasons why wall mounted hose reel designs are popular;

1. They are space-saving

One of the primary benefits of these hose reels is that they are space-saving. This is because they do not take up any floor space. By doing so, they allow you to use your limited floor space for other significant purposes. For this reason, wall-mounted hose reels are popular in areas where there is limited space, like homes.

2. They offer easy access

In addition to being space-saving, wall-mounted hose reels also offer easy access to the hose. Since they are enduringly mounted on the wall, it means that you do not have to lag the hose and hose reel around every time you need to use them. Additionally, by storing the hose reel perfectly and allowing you to use an easy-to-use cranking technique, they also allow easy access to the hose. Also, most wall-mounted hose reels feature a locking pin. The role of this component is to ensure that the hose is angled perfectly to the application.

3. Ease of installation

Another benefit of wall-mounted hose reels is that they are easy to install. However, it is worth mentioning that the installation method may differ from one brand to the next. Regardless, they are still straightforward to install. No, special tools are needed for the installation process. A screw should be sufficient. The hose reels generally come with mounting brackets. The process is also relatively easy in that you do not require any assistance from a professional. You can do it as a DIY project.

Applications of wall mounted hose reels

These hose reels can be applied in a wide range of areas. The most common ones are:

1. Gardens

Wall-mounted garden hose reels are the most common type of hose reel on the market. Their popularity can be attributed to their simple design and their provision of easy access to the garden hose. In this area, they are used for cleaning gardening tools and irrigating the plants.

2. Factories

Wall-mounted hose reels are also quite popular in factories. In this area, the hose reels are used for cleaning machines and other cleaning tasks.

3. Garages

They are also used in garages for hoses used to clean vehicles. In this area, wall-mounted hose reels are popular because they help store the hoses safely and allow easy access to them.


In addition to the advantages above, it is also worth noting that wall-mounted hose reels are pretty affordable. However, regardless of the wall mount design, they also come in various styles, depending on the brand.

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