Thinking of Getting the Best Chandelier?

by Selma

Chandeliers are known for providing overhead lighting to enhance the appearance of dining or living rooms and kitchens. The right chandelier adds a beautiful dramatic lightning model to your home. A chandelier is a decorative lighting fixture that features several lamps or bulbs in multiple tiers used for ambient lighting. The type of pendant kitchen island light you choose will depend on the electrical outlets available, your decorating scheme, and your room’s scale.

a.Types of Chandeliers

Getting the perfect chandelier is picking the right kind of chandelier for your definite lighting intent. Is the design or style of the chandelier your incentive? Is it the lighting the chandelier will offer? Or it’s the finish?

For your home’s design, look at the following chandelier design and style; modern chandelier design, rustic chandelier design, contemporary chandelier design, craftsman, crystal, Tiffany, glass, drum, neoclassical, and an industrial chandelier design.

Once you have the idea of style and type you’d like, consider the shape type your chandelier will take. The different forms chandeliers take are rectangular chandeliers, bowl, cluster, sputnik, caged, beaded, and globe chandeliers.

b.Chandeliers by Finish

Like style, determine whether your chandelier’s glass color or metal finish contrasts or coordinates with other light fixtures and surrounding furnishings, i.e., a chrome chandelier works well with bronze wall sconces, as long as the design styles are similar. There are brass, bronze, gold, and chrome chandeliers.

c.Chandeliers by their Lighting Function

It’s also best to consider how chandelier lighting will work within your home.

  1. Uplight chandeliers. Uplight chandeliersconcentrate light upwards, reflecting ambiance around a space instead of direct downlighting.
  2. Downlight chandeliers. They provide unobstructed light underneath. It is optimal if your room needs a lot of focused, direct, and ambient light.
  3. Ambient lighting. Apart from downlight chandeliers, many chandeliers aren’t optimal for providing task lighting. Most work better to produce ambient lighting because of their emphasis on non-direct, diffused light.

Whatever kind of chandelier you choose, the key is to select a style that will improve the surrounding space and not take from the room’s theme.

d.Things to consider when choosing the right chandelier

1.Positioning a Chandelier

The chandelier position should be centered on aesthetic value, general light, and symmetry in an inside space. Setting the chandelier centrally provides a 360-degree view for admiring all the attractive elements, an even distribution of ambient light, and visual balance.

2.Installation Height

In the dining room, your chandelier should hang at an estimated 30 inches above the surface of the dining table to prevent glare from the source of light and obstruction of your vision. If your ceiling is nine feet and above high, add about three inches for every additional foot of the ceiling height.

For other rooms, always consider safe clearance and line of sight while installing a chandelier. A light fixture is less appealing if it keeps hitting your head or if it blocks your view.

3.Chandelier Brightness

Space’s square footage sets the optimal lumen count necessary for ambient lighting in any room. For every 100 square feet, a room needs 300-400 total lumens. With this, you will be smart enough to consider lumen output as part of your selection process for a chandelier.

For proper light layering, a chandelier isn’t the only light source for ambient lighting but is likely the primary source.

4.Easy Installation

With instructions and all mounting hardware in the package, you can easily hang and install the chandelier.

5.Adjustable chain

 A flexible hanging chain is used for different needs of height.

Final Thoughts

Chandeliers that use modern LED technology offer increased reliability and efficiency. This translates into essential cost and energy saving for you. Thus, anytime your looking for that island lighting, pick an LED one.

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