Small Space Solutions: Hacks To Upgrade Your Compact Bathroom Vanity

by Selma

Vanity sinks are now a common sight in most bathrooms, and this is partly because they help save space. Vanity sinks also contribute greatly to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom due to the exquisite finishing that’s applied to them. However, these finishings on bathroom vanity Sydney sinks tend to wear out with time, and the sinks begin to lose that distinct aesthetic appeal.

While it’s always nice to have a professional touch employed in restoring the beauty of these sinks, certain DIY measures can be put in place to ensure one recaptures the appealing design that was once there. This article looks at some of those hacks to upgrade one’s bathroom vanity to give it that classy touch.

  1. Give it some cleaning: The first hack has to do with making sure every little dust that has clogged up inside the sink is systematically removed using a damp cloth. Dip a clean cloth into the soapy water and use it to wipe the sink from side to side a few times. This can also be done using a light sponge.
  2. Unscrew the nuts: Some vanity basins are usually installed with drawers, and it’s essential to unscrew these drawers to paint each part separately. Furthermore, removing this hardware makes it possible to reach the innermost part of the sink for cleaning.
  3. Finesse the surface: Making the surface of the doors and drawers of the sink is quite essential. With the aid of sandpaper, ensure you smoothen all of the rough edges on the hardware to give the drawers and doors a more appealing look. After all these, use the moist cloth to wipe the surface again and leave each one to dry.
  4. Coat the surface: Since the vanity sink will be positioned in the bathroom where it’ll most likely come in contact with water daily, it’s advisable to prime the surface with an adhesion primer. Using a soft brush, apply the coat on all the parts of the hardware.
  5. Paint the hardware: This is an extremely important part of the exercise, and it goes a long way in shaping what your bathroom will look like. Select a range of paint colors that sit well with the painting on your bathroom wall. Generally, it’s always preferable to make use of cool colors to give the bathroom a more relaxed outlook. Apply the paint with a brush while ensuring that every corner and edges are captures by the brush.
  6. Fix the drawers and doors: Having left each of the components to dry over some time, it’s important to connect each component back. Make sure you have each component fixed in the rightful position.
  7. Replace the faucet: You can always go for a more stylish and efficient faucet in place of the older one. Ensure the faucet is tightly fixed on the sink to avoid displacement.

Conclusively, having a compact and outdated bathroom vanity, is an unavoidable situation. It can be corrected with the proper steps. Now, you know how to upgrade your vanity sink by yourself.

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