Use Of Hospital Masks In Prevention Of Viral Outbreaks

by Selma
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A significant outbreak of the Coronavirus has made the world take to its heels as there is numerous ongoing research to contain this virus. While still on the search for an effective vaccine, the rise in the use of hospital masks has escalated. Countries with the highest discovered cases have complained about a shortage in the availability of hospital masks. So, it is now beyond the question of if one should wear a mask or not at these times.

The usage of hospital masks now brings about the question of how effective it is to prevent this viral outbreak.

How Does The Virus Spread?

The spread of the virus, like Coronavirus, Influenza, and other kinds of virus, is through the diffusion of thin viral elements. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), when a carrier of the virus sneezes, coughs or touches a surface, the viral particles settle in the air. These elements form into tiny droplets that can go through the nose and eyes. When reached also, it can, through the hands, be carried to the eyes. Hence, there was a warning to keep hands off the face as much as possible. To curb the spread of viral outbreaks, hospital masks have been prescribed for its effectiveness.

Is Hospital Mask Effective?

The standard hospital mask is a thick, creased mask with a filter effective enough to reduce the wearer from either spreading the virus or contacting it. It is very light and convenient to wear.

Different studies have confirmed that hospital masks work well at health centers and homes too. Although the wearing of masks is not for everyone, however, it has been said to reduce the risk of its spread.

Those that need to use hospital masks are majorly those that are sick; those showing symptoms of the virus; and those around those who have been suspected of having the virus. It is quite sane for those who have the virus or those showing the symptoms to put on a hospital mask. The act is to help those who do not have to stay safe and sound.

Hospital masks have been seen everywhere — at home, hospitals, and in public areas. However, the preventive effect in public places has not been assured. 

Below are some of the reasons why it was so;

● When sneezing or coughing in public, hospital masks can easily be contaminated. Hence, in the process of removing it or putting it on, one could easily transfer it 

● Many people get a false sense of safety while putting on a hospital mask. This act has caused many to act carelessly and not observe social distancing.

Final Thoughts

The use of hospital masks is, therefore, effective when an infected person is using it. It would reduce the spread. However, the act of social distancing and application of sanitizers has proven to be more preventive. Hospital masks only help protect a healthy person from contracting the virus from a carrier. But without the observance of social distancing, it might not be as safe as one thinks it is.

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