What portrait should you get for your pet?

by Selma

There are over a dozen types of pet portraits; the exact one you pick for your pet is totally up to you. Pet portraits are one of the most adorable types of portraits to have. What is better than entering a room and staring at a beautiful picture of your pet on the wall?

A portrait of your pet could be printed or painted on a canvas print. If you have several different pets you could have them in a portrait together or alone. Pet portrait painting can be used to mark a pet’s anniversary/birthday or just to honor your pet. Having these pet portraits on canvas prints will carry the memory of your pets for a very long time.

Basic Types of Pet Portraits

Some of the basic types of pet portraits are;

1. Adventure or lifestyle pet portraits

If you are an adventurous pet owner then this type of pet portrait would suit you just fine. An adventure or lifestyle type of pet portrait would normally show your pet in natural scenery or landscape. It could be the side of a mountain, on grassland, in the woods or just anywhere you would want to go for an adventure.

2. In-house pet portraits

In-house type of pet portrait is often taken in a part of the home, it could be your pet’s favorite part of the house or any part of the house you deem fit. You could take a picture of your pet and then paint it on a canvas to hang on the wall.

3. Environmental pet portraits

The environmental type of pet portrait is similar to an adventure or lifestyle pet portrait. The only slight difference is creativity. In this case, the environment is used as a background for the portrait, and the focus is placed more on the pet than the scenery.

4. Breed standard pet portraits

This type of pet portrait goes way back to the early days of pet portraits and it is more common among pet breeders and trainers. It oftentimes portrays the distinguishing traits of the pet as it shows their full-body length, strength, and health.

5. Studio pet portraits

In my opinion, the studio type of pet portraits is the most creative of all types of pet portraits. This is so because you could create different types of scenes from scratch to suit an idea in your head or to suit your pet. You could mimic a scene you have seen somewhere and recreate it. With a studio type of pet portraits, you are not limited to a particular environment or background; you could create what you want.

Final Thoughts

Pet portraits are a medium to showcase the true identity or personality of your pets. Having your pet portraits on canvas prints will show this personality for a long time. There is no doubt that pets do not just keep us company but are a major part of most families.

So make sure you keep them happy and show that you really adore them. Having a pet portrait is just the right way to begin.

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