What To Look Out For In A Wholesale Mattress Company

by Selma

Buying and changing a mattress is an important aspect of life. A wrong choice and you could have joint and back pain to constantly contend with. The same applies if you’re in the hospitality business and looking to change mattresses. A good wholesale mattress company can provide you with adequate options that’ll fit your budget.

With many wholesale mattress companies promising to deliver the best quality, it can be confusing trying to filter the real ones from the fakers. Since mattress options can vary with individual preference, it’s good to know you’re in safe hands with a company that cares for your comfort as much as they care about making a profit.

When looking for such a wholesale mattress company, check to see if they meet all of these factors.

What’s their level of experience?

You know how you would rather trust a medical practitioner with years of experience than someone who just left medical school? You’re probably not disputing their abilities and knowledge but experience comes with more practical knowledge. You’re better off dealing with a wholesale mattress company that has been in the business of selling mattresses for years. This is because they know what type is best and the reason to back it up.

A company that has shared secrets over generations would know more about the evolution of mattresses and what has changed over the years.

Are they manufacturers or middlemen?

There’s nothing wrong with middlemen in the chain of supply, but if you’re looking to buy wholesale mattresses, then it’s best to go directly to the source. A company that manufacturers are in a better position to give you better pricing and custom options, if you need it. They can listen to your needs and make beds that fit into what you want.

Local or foreign wholesale suppliers

The decision lies solely in what you want since they both have their advantages and drawbacks. Wholesale mattress companies based overseas often have a wide range of options to choose from. They also offer different color and foam options. They’re also known to have exceptionally good pricing options. Additionally, they offer better discount offers and MOQ. The drawback here is they often have longer shipping times than when sourced locally.

The reverse is the case with local wholesale mattress companies. Since they’re closer to you, you’ll get the mattress a lot sooner than when it’s shipped from overseas. However, they do not have the same range of options with size, color, and foam type. They are also more expensive when compared overseas.


Now that you’re certain they have the experience, direct manufacturers, and have decided where you’ll want to buy from, the next thing to consider is their reputation. You’ll have to part away with money and wait for the mattresses to be shipped to you. You want to work with a wholesale mattress company that’s trustworthy to deliver on their word. The best way to sift through to the real ones is by capitalizing on their reviews and testimonials. How well do they deliver?


The decision of which wholesale mattress company to buy from is a personal one. However, these guidelines will help you find one that’s reputable and trustworthy enough to give you good quality mattresses at an affordable price.

In conclusion, when looking for a reputable and trustworthy wholesale mattress company, make sure to check their level of experience, if they’re manufacturers or middlemen, their reputation, and if they’re local or foreign. With these guidelines, you’ll be sure to find a company that fits your needs and budget.

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