How To Determine Where To Mount A Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

by Selma is one of the best places to go if you are looking for the best garden hose reel. The platform features a wide range of garden hose reels made using varying materials and designs. The products are designed to function effortlessly and provide you with all the benefits of owning a garden hose reel. sells several types of garden hose reels, including its critically acclaimed wall-mounted garden hose reel. You can view details of some of the best products on their official website.

One of the best-selling products on is the wall-mounted garden hose reel. The defining element of this type of garden hose reel is that you can mount it on any wall in your home.

How to determine where to mount a wall-mounted hose reel

As mentioned earlier, this type of garden hose reel is usually mounted on the wall, as its name suggests. However, you still have to determine which part of your house you will mount or install. Below are some factors you ought to consider in this case;

1. Length of garden hose

One of the first and most crucial elements you need to consider is the garden hose’s length. When installing a wall-mounted garden hose reel, you ought to consider how long it is and how far away your garden is from the place where you want to have it installed. It would beat the purpose of the hose reel was too far from your garden because you wouldn’t be able to water your plants properly. If your house is a bit far from the garden, you may want to get a long garden hose it can run from the reel to the garden.

2. Location of the water source

Most people install their garden hose reels in their garages or the wall behind their houses. However, note that the garden hose cannot perform its purpose if it is not close to a water source. Therefore, another significant factor to consider is the position of your tap or any other water source so that you can have the reel mounted near it. Doing this will reduce your load and help your garden hose function properly.

3. Style of mounting

The mounting style for wall-mounted garden hose reels is typically the same. However, some details may differ from one brand to the next. For instance, some hose reels come with brackets that make installation easy, while others require you to use tools for the task. The mounting style affects the location where you will mount it because of the type of wall and material. For instance, you may not want to break your stone wall or dent your wooden wall when mounting.

4. Security

The position also needs to be safe so that intruders can not steal your hose or hose reel. Note that these products are made from costly materials, and some people will steal anything. Therefore, you may not want to have it outside your compound or in an open space. This is especially the case if you stay in an unsafe neighborhood.


When choosing the best location to install your wall-mounted garden hose reel, the best thing to do is to look for a position that will offer you more convenience than hassles. The ultimate goal is to get a permanent location where you can leave your hose for as long as necessary.

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