Why do you need motion sensor lights under your bed

by Selma

Under-bed lights are lighting fixtures installed under a bed, and they use motion sensor technology. Movements usually activate motion sensor lights. This means that under bed lights do turn on whenever they detect any activity in your bedroom or any area where they are installed. In this write-up, we discuss under bed motion sensor light benefits and functioning.

How do motion sensor lights work

Motion sensor lights, as the name suggests, get triggered or activated by motion. They use individual sensors which detect physical movement over a specific radius. There are varying sensor technologies that can get applied in these lights. The most common ones are infrared energy sensors. These sensors emit infrared energy or microwaves to detect movement in the area where they are installed. The specifics of how the motion-sensing technology works depend on the type of sensors used in the lights.

Why do you need a motion sensor under bed lights

Below are reasons why installing these lights may come in handy;

1. You do not have to look for the light switch in the dark

One of the main advantages of getting motion sensors under bed lights is that they automatically come on when you get off the bed. This means that you do not have to wander around in the dark looking for the light switch.

You can even choose to conduct your business like getting glass on the water on your bedside table without switching on the lights in your room. Once you go back to bed, you also do not worry about turning them off. The lights will automatically go off if there is no movement for a set time. The amount of time will depend on the settings on the lights.

2. They offer security

Since these lights come on whenever there is movement, they can also act as a security element. This means that if anyone gets in your room while you are asleep, the lights will go on. If you are sensitive to light while sleeping, this will come in handy because you will not be caught off guard. However, you must understand that a motion sensor under bed lights cannot replace your conventional home security system.

3. They keep you from hurting yourself

Additionally, the fact that these lights turn on as soon as they detect any movement is beneficial because it will keep you safe from injuries. This is because you will not bump into furniture and other items that could injure you. In the same breath, they help protect your belongings from damage. For instance, you won’t bump into your expensive vase and break it while wandering in the dark.

4. They offer aesthetic appeal

These lights also offer some aesthetic appeal. You can choose the color of light you want for your under lights. When the under-bed area of your bedroom lights up while the rest of the room is dark, it creases a visual appeal like no other. Even if the light is not colored, you can still achieve this benefit.

Final word

Since any movement triggers motion sensors under bed lights, if you have pets in the house, they can also trigger them. You may want to consider this when getting these lights.

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